Hi there! I go by Prim, I'm 18, and I'm a transgender girl. I'm a programmer and scripter.

I specialize in dealing with the nightmare known as Bash</bad_joke>

I really don't specialize in any particular language, but I know some Python 3, Bash, C, C++, HTML, CSS, JS, and I've dabbled in Z80 assembly and MOS 6502 Assembly (for the Nintendo Gameboy, and NES respectively). I have an interest in low-level programming (such as assembly), as well as machine learning and sentience, and theoretical computer science.

As far as my personal life goes, I'm a pretty big PC gamer, and I'm really into music. I like to play all kinds of games (from Warframe to Final Fantasy to Bioshock to the original Rogue), and I'm pretty musically diverse, but I really like to listen to and play metal of all kinds. My favorite bands (currently) are: Abiotic, The Absence, Anaal Nathrakh, Boris, Sleep, and Sunn O))) (bit of a big list). I also dabble in pixel art (I made the background for this site), and editing images/making wallpapers.

Aside from music and gaming, I'd like to consider myself a free software advocate. i don't go as far as Richard Stallman, but in my perfect world, people would be able to use nothing but free software, and not have to miss out on a game, website, operating system, etc. because their drivers weren't as good as the proprietary drivers, or because they dodn't want to use a CPU with the Intel Management Engine, or some kind of proprietary microcode. I try to contribute whatever I can to FOSS projects, I spread the word about free software, and I license my projects under free licenses.
I also have a squarecash page if you feel like sending me something