Hi there! I go by Tay, I'm 19, and I'm a transgender girl. I'm a Computer Science student planning on studying formal language theory and automata theory. Compilers are cool!

I really don't specialize in any particular language, but I know some Python 3, Bash, C, HTML, CSS, JS, and I've dabbled in Z80 assembly and MOS 6502 Assembly (for the Nintendo Gameboy, and NES respectively).

As far as my personal life goes, I'm a pretty big PC gamer, and I'm really into music. I like to play all kinds of games (from Warframe to Final Fantasy to Osu!), and I'm pretty musically diverse, but I love me some stoner metal and doom.

Aside from music and gaming, I'd like to consider myself a free software advocate. i don't go as far as Richard Stallman, but in my perfect world, people would be able to use nothing but free software, and not have to miss out on a game, website, operating system, etc. because their drivers weren't as good as the proprietary drivers, or because they dodn't want to use a CPU with the Intel Management Engine, or some kind of proprietary microcode. I try to contribute whatever I can to FOSS projects, I spread the word about free software, and I license my projects under free licenses.