Pentium Chronicles: Vol. 1

What I learned maintaining my own server

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A few months ago, I found an old desktop sitting on the side of the road. It was left over from a yard sale, and never sold at the (pretty outrageous) price of $120. I got it home, cleaned it up, reapplied some thermal paste, and it worked fine, considering it’s so old it has a Pentium CPU.

I decided originally to just use it as a personal cloud. After asking around in a Discord server, I decided on using NextCloud, and a few hours later I had a working cloud server. This idea of just maintaining it as a simple cloud quickly devolved into “Host all of the things!”

Host all the things!

Several web apps later, and I’ve learned so much about Linux and administrating a server. From fighting against working with SELinux, to setting up a reverse proxy in Apache, to configuring firewalls, I’ve definitely learned a lot from this little machine I found on the street.

I plan on updating this series with more stories about my little homelab, hopefully they’ll be entertaining!